Your sponsorship helps us bring people together…

This season we have initiated a year-long community project called #WeAreSaginaw and we are honored and proud to have United Way of Saginaw County as our strategic partner.

We all have a perception of those around us. What SCS wants to know is “What is YOUR perception of yourself?” We’ll find out through our #WeAreSaginaw photo-music project, culminating at our final season concert in the Temple Theatre on May 4, 2019. The concert is titled, appropriately, WE ARE SAGINAW!

Throughout the course of the year, we will attend community events and visit sponsoring businesses, like yours, to photograph people holding a whiteboard with their written response to the prompt “I am…” The responses we receive will shape our final program, WE ARE SAGINAW, and the photos will be featured at the event.

Already, we have over 100 photos captured recently at Jazz on Jefferson, Brew at the Zoo, and the Marketplace Ribbon Cutting, with a goal of obtaining many times more by May 4.

To do this, we need your financial help! Your sponsorship will be recognized all year as we foster new relationships and honor existing ones, all the while demonstrating how music brings people together. Because I am Saginaw. You are Saginaw. Together #WeAreSaginaw!

Thank you for being part of the community in this community choir! For more information or to become a sponsor this season, please contact Executive Director, Tamara Grefe at 1-989-753-1812

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