When was the last time you clapped along to a community choir concert? If you went to Saginaw Choral Society’s season finale Feel The Spirit, it was last Saturday. The choir performed John Rutter’s Feel The Spirit and Robert Ray’s Gospel Mass, both featuring guest artist, Dr. LaToya Lain. The addition of this “power-house” soprano and piano, bass, and drums to the already electric energy of the choir was a moving collaboration that launched the audience performers into a good mood lasting for days!

When asked about concluding the 2018-2019 season, Executive Director, Tamara Grefe said, “When we were first planning the repertoire for our final concert, we knew we wanted to do both the Rutter spirituals and the Gospel Mass. We decided we could not program them without featuring a brilliant soprano soloist. Our wishes came true when Dr. Lain accepted our invitation! Two completely different styles of writing, a superb community chorus, a brilliant soloist, a fantastic pianist – I invite you to come Feel the Spirit with us!”

We did.

The last Saginaw Choral Society performance of the season! We definitely did “Feel the Spirit”! Had a wonderful time with an awesome group of people!! Made some new friends and had a great season. 🙂 Thanks Jeremiah Kraniak for being an awesome director and shaping us into better vocalists and performers. Appreciate your work!!

Cathy Lang

Member, Saginaw Choral Society