When Music Director Jeremiah Kraniak programmed the Lord Nelson Mass it might have seemed like just another “Master Work” sung by just another community choir. But when he decided to make it a community sing (a concert where SCS members anchor the musical efforts while non-members of all ability levels are invited to join for the performance) it turned into something more. Community education you say? Not so much. Community building? Definitely.

Nonprofits like SCS and many other arts organizations are in a constant state of trying to analyze their impact on the community. We look at things like membership, audience, and education. We send surveys and calculate stats and do our best to understand where our passion can help lift those around us. But this past Saturday, when you took a second to look around, you saw the softer side of community bonds being built.

SCS members reached out to their own inner circles and made the most of an opportunity to sing with friends and family. Mothers and fathers sang with their sons and daughters (both teenagers and adults)! Cousins found a way to come together once a week for music and quality time together. College students (current and alumni) performed alongside their professors. And family came to see and acknowledge the genuine talent of their loved ones.

Below are just a few of the many photos that circulated social media as examples of just how much fun and care was taken with the SCS production. So where do you find your softer side of community building? Be sure you let those around you know what these moments mean to you!

SCS member, Mary, and daughter Anna pose for a quick photo before heading to SASA to sing.

SCS member, John Mayer, gets ready for the concert alongside his cousin.

SCS member Brian shares a great laugh with his daughter, Madalyn before the concert begins.

SVSU students Claire and Heather pose for a post-concert photo with featured soloist and SVSU voice instructor, Rachelle Austin.

SVSU alumni and SCS member, Madalyn McHugh, poses for a photo with two of her former professors, Dr. Kevin Simons (also a featured soloist) and Prof. Ric Roberts (SCS member).

The Wika’s snap a quick family photo after the concert.