We had an extraordinary time rehearsing and performing our holiday show, Scrooge! The Musical. Saginaw Choral Society is YOUR community choir and we’re willing to bet you know SOMEONE in our holiday production of Scrooge! Enjoy the quotes, photos, videos, program, and more in these concert highlights. A special thanks go out to the Saginaw Valley State University Department of Theatre for all of their support and expertise!

Sometimes the real-life backstory of a production is far more fascinating than the fictional onstage presentation.

Such was the case Saturday night when the Saginaw Choral Society presented a staged version of the musical “Scrooge!” at the Temple Theatre.

And that is in no way implying that the onstage version was bad. The singers sang magnificently. It’s just that our memory got caught up in the backstory.

Janet I. Martineau

Reviewer, Arts Saginaw

Playing the part of Isabel for this show has been such a rewarding experience. Isabel is a beautiful dignified woman who chooses to protect herself from heartbreak by walking away from greed. How exciting it is to have the opportunity to portray such a strong woman! The cast, chorus, directors are fantastic to work with and we all have a blast together.

Madalyn McHugh

Member, Saginaw Choral Society

View the official Playbill!

Yup, just like the Broadway productions in NYC, SCS uses official Playbills to guide you through each concert. Have a look and find your friends as well as the concert sponsors who make great shows like this possible.

What does it mean to see a musical “in concert?”

In concert’ productions like this one are a relatively new and charming practice. Sets and costumes are limited yet each singer, actor, and musician almost never leave the stage! In a way, the chorus and orchestra become additional characters. It really brings the people, rather than the set, front and center.

Jeremiah Kraniak

Music Director, Saginaw Choral Society