Beginning at nine this morning, the first installment of what will total nearly 1800 students skipped off their busses and into the Temple Theatre where they would meet Michigan literary legend, author Johnathan Rand. The inherent excitement that comes with being beyond the school walls for a field trip only compounded as many students entered the beautiful Temple Theatre, mouths agape, for the first time. The incredibly ornate, historic building did not disappoint.

What happened next was spellbinding. For the following 45 minutes, Johnathan captured hearts and imaginations. He showed the students a path to new adventures as readers, writers, and citizen explores.

Said responsively, Johnathan and students chanted…

“Reading isn’t something you do…
“It’s a place that you go!”
“A book doesn’t have a cover…”
“It has a door!”
“A pencil isn’t just a pencil it’s a…”
“magic wand!”

Tomorrow everyone will have a chance to hear Johnathan read from his work “Creepy Campfire Chillers” as the Saginaw Choral Society sings some of the most chilling and fun music for the season. Click here to view the whole program. Tickets are available by phone or online via The Temple Theatre