It’s safe to say that most of those in attendance for Michigan Chillers (performers and concert-goers alike) had never experienced a show like this before. The intertwining of literary and musical arts was as natural as could be, yet presented in such a fresh and relevant way to this Michigan crowd.

It was that kind of Saturday afternoon in downtown Saginaw when the Saginaw Choral Society kicked off its 2017-2018 season with a magnificent hodgepodge of spooky stories read by prolific Michigan author Johnathan Rand, classical music by the likes of Mozart mixed with the “Time Warp” from “The Rocky Horror Picture Show,” singer Jim Smerdon cutting a hilarious rug, high soprano riffs by Rachelle Austin amid two pieces, endless energetic embellishments from pianist/accompanist Catherine McMichael, and pumpkins galore as part of the ghoulish stage decorations.

Music director Jeremiah J. Kraniak, this one is gonna be hard to top in the fun factor. And the legions of you who did not fill the seats, you somehow got tricked out a real treat.

Janet I. Martineau

Reviewer, Arts Saginaw