Showing up for an open audition isn’t easy. But as the wise choir director, Ephraim Adams (John Houseman), from the classic movie “A Christmas Without Snow” once said… “If you wish to perform in the privacy of your bedroom or bathtub then you may audition in the privacy of your bedroom or bathtub.”

Singing requires putting ourselves out there, taking risks, listening, and learning every step of the way. But there are a few things that can be done to make that first step a little easier.

  1. Choose an audition piece you’re comfortable with. Pick a piece that makes you feel good when you sing it and that demonstrates YOUR voice… not the one you think people want to hear.
  2. Be prepared. Once you choose your piece, spend some time with it. Don’t just run it… get after those tricky bits! Have a plan for how you’ll navigate your music and you can leave the jitters at home. Also review the SCS website and social media pages. Get a feel for what it’s like to be a member so you can ask any questions that may develop along the way.
  3. Stay hydrated. When your heart rate is up and you’re breathing deeply… stave off the coughs and strain on your voice by drinking lots of water the day of (and the day before) your audition.
  4. Bring a good attitude. Were you asked to sing something again? In a different key? Is someone pushing your range? These things don’t mean you’re doing badly. The person listening to you has questions about what your voice can do and this is how those questions get answered. Go with the flow. Everyone listening has been in your shoes before.
  5. Have fun! Singing in a choir is as much about enjoying time with friends as it is about making great music. Relax, and know that mistakes are a part of the process. Everybody in the ensemble makes mistakes. What matters is that we support one another and enjoy the camaraderie that comes with singing together!


Are you ready to sing with us? Awesome! Open auditions are right around the corner. Get started here!