Congratulations and thank you for a truly exciting, and heartfelt performance at Carnegie Hall! You were superbly prepared and focused throughout our rehearsal time together, and I was touched and inspired by how closely you watched me and listened to one another throughout the performance.  Clearly, the audience was thrilled and deeply moved by the music and the sincerity of your communication of the important text.  I hope that inspirational poetry and great music will serve as a guide throughout your life.

On a personal note, I cannot think of a more beautiful “final concert” for me as a conductor.  To have had the opportunity to conduct new and “old” students, as well as children and students of former students, was particularly thrilling.  And to share the event with my husband, daughter, and (not yet born) granddaughter was deeply meaningful.

My life has been shaped and enriched by beautiful music, a loving family and friends, and outstanding teachers and students, for which I am forever grateful. I wish you a world of happiness, health, and love.

Thank you!
Dr. Nina Nash-Robertson

“A performance that was brisk and always bracingly transparent even when the choral and instrumental writing gets complicated. The choir was thrilling in the forte sections, and very good at the softer ones too!”