Building and uniting our community through music.

2019-20 Season

Cabaret 2019: Broadway ReBent

Court Street Theatre


Holidays with Saginaw Choral Society

Temple Theatre


Alzheimer’s Stories


Ah Tempo! in Come Fly With Me


Beauty and the Beast



From a distance, we shop together, drink coffee together, drive down the same roads together, and we live together, yet we do not know one another. Saginaw Choral Society is setting out to bridge that gap and break those barriers. We want to bring people together through music. Throughout the next year, Saginaw Choral Society is leading a project called #WeAreSaginaw to celebrate the impact and importance of all people in our community.

At various events throughout the year, you’ll have the opportunity to participate. We’ll ask you to tell us, in a word or two, how you would respond to the sentence “I AM…” You can even invite us to bring this project to your organization, business, or church. At the end of the season, we will all come together to recognize the full impact of what makes us… us!
Because I am Saginaw. You are Saginaw. Together #WeAreSaginaw.

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